Tellacom Technical Support
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Our technicians want to help you get up & running! See your choices of "Live Help" & "Self Help" below.

Information About Our Technical Support

You must REGISTER to be eligible for technical support and to validate your 1 year warranty. (Once registered, you do not need to register again.)
Hours - 9 am to 6 pm Central Time:
Our technicians and programmers are available from Monday through Friday, except for major US holidays. Note: Our staff leave at 6 pm Central Time. Requests received later than 5 pm may not be answered until the next day.
Technical support (installation, training, and assistance with technical issues) is included with purchases by original buyers. During your first year, you will have up to 3 hours of technical support by telephone for each product purchased. In addition, help by email and chat are available as needed for your first year.
There is a maximum of one hour per session of technical support by telephone if that technician has anyone else waiting to receive help.
Technical support expires one year from your purchase date, but you may PURCHASE additional time for $50 per hour. If you are not the original buyer, you must purchase the latest version of the sofware to receive technical support.
Our technical support does not include teaching anyone how to use a computer, teaching anyone how to use other companies' software (WinZip, Windows Operating Systems, etc.), connecting your network, logging onto your computer remotely, operating your system for you, nor helping with hardware problems unrelated to our products.
Before Asking For Help
To conserve your hours of technical support by telephone, we suggest that you use the "Self Help" section of the web site: