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USB Software Key

Optional Portable Software Keys for Dolphin Power Sellers & Cricket Click Dialers

Customers who wish to use their Dolphin or Cricket software license on more than one computer (though not at the same time) may purchase a Portable USB Software Key from EVS for $50 plus shipping.
(Note: If you need to have more than one person use a Dolphin or Cricket at the same time, they will each need to purchase a license.)

With the Portable Software Key, you will be able to install your Dolphin or Cricket software on as many computers as desired. To make calls with your Dolphin or Cricket on one of those computers, plug the Key into the USB port of the computer you wish to use at that time. You may move the Key to another computer as needed.

If you break your Portable Software Key, there will be a charge of $30 plus shipping. You must return the broken Key to EVS before we can ship you a new one.

Beware: If you lose your Portable Software Key, you must purchase a Dolphin or Cricket software license again, plus pay $50 for the Key.

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