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RMA Submission Form

If one of our technicians or programmers has determined that you have defective hardware, choose 1 of these 4 types of Return & Replacement:
Express Exchange - (Available only if One Year Warranty * is still in effect)
(We will ship overnight a replacement to you, but you must guarantee return of the defective product by giving us credit card authorization to charge your account IF the defective product is not returned and received by us within 10 days.)
Return Then Replace - (Available only if One Year Warranty * is still in effect)
(You first return the defective product to us; then upon receipt, we'll send you a replacement.)
Express Purchase - (If One Year Warranty * has expired or if you don't know)
(You will purchase a replacement product, which we will ship overnight to you. We will call you or email or fax a credit card authorization to you for the purchase. When you return the defective product to us, we may be able to give you credit, based upon whether the product is still under warranty or if it is repairable and resalable.)
Return and Repair - (If One Year Warranty * has expired or if you don't know)
(You first return the defective product to us, and we assess the problem. We will try to have it repaired and sent back to you. The repair charge will depend on the problem. If the product is still under warranty, there will be no charge.)
Exchange for USB Software Key
Complete this form if you need to exchange your key.
  * One of the options above must be selected

* EXPRESS ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Manufacturer warrants that its hardware and software will be free of any significant defects for one year from purchase date. (There is no warranty on accessories such as headsets and cables). Manufacturer will repair or replace damaged or malfunctioning products at no charge, if within the warranty time limit and if there has been no damage by accidents, lightning or power surges, or misuse or abuse by the Buyer/User. Buyer must return any defective hardware prior to Manufacturer's shipping a replacement or Buyer must give a credit card number authorizing a charge until the defective hardware is returned to Manufacturer. Buyer/User and Manufacturer will each pay the shipping costs of returning any items to each other for repair or replacement. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES THAT ARE NOT INCLUDED HERE.